Q. How do I prepare Folk Revival?

A. You can use a microwave or ‘Pour Over’ instructions. To microwave, add you favorite cold milk or water to High fill line marked on the cup (about 1/3 cup), and stir thoroughly. Cover loosely with lid and microwave for 45-60 seconds.  Let stand for 1 minute and stir again. 
For Pour Over instruction, add your favorite hot milk or water to Low fill line and stir thoroughly.  Cover and let stand for 1 minute.  Stir again. 
However you make it, use caution.  Cup and contents will be hot. 

Q. What toppings should I use?

A. Folk Revival is tasty on its own, but Bananas, Berries, or your favorite fruit are great additions too. We also enjoy stirring in coconut shreds, almond or peanut butter, or our favorite granola. A sprinkle of your favorite sweetener can be a nice addition too.


Q. Can I make Overnight Oats from Folk Revival?

A. Yes, this is a simple way to enjoy Folk Revival any time of year. Bring water or your favorite milk to a boil and pour into the cup to the 'Pour Over' fill line, stir, seal and refrigerate over night. If you prefer to make your overnight oats in a separate container, pour Folk Revival into mason jar or your favorite container.  Add 1/3 cup of boiled water or milk.  Stir, seal and refrigerate overnight. 


Q. Where can I find Folk Revival?

A. Right now folkrevival.com is the only place to purchase the products. But we will be expanding distribution and retail partners in 2023 and beyond.

Q. How do you make acorn flour?

A. It’s a fairly laborious but rewarding process.  Very simply, acorns are harvested when they fall, they are cracked open to reveal the nut, the nuts are ground into flour, the flour is then washed for an extended period of time to remove the bitterness, then it is dried and packed. There are some great resources available online if you would like to learn more. Check out: https://practicalselfreliance.com/acorn-flour/

Q. Who can help me with questions about my order or subscription?

A. Please use the ‘contact us’ form on the website or email us directly at hello@folkrevival.com. There is also a chat feature on the bottom right corner of the website.
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