The Origin of Folk Revival, Part II

The Origin of Folk Revival, Part II

Sustainability and the Name “Folk Revival”

Why bother eating Keto if the ingredients suck?  The goal for me personally, beyond getting my health (and life) back, was to merge the basics of sustainable agriculture with ketogenic nutrition.  Not just sustainable, but sustainable with attention to heirloom and heritage ingredients.  After all, it wasn’t just about getting the right fuel in the tank.  I cared about where the ingredients came from, and I knew there was a difference.  And why not find novel ingredients (like acorns and monk fruit) that actually lend themselves to reducing our carbon footprint and our insulin response?  Why not get the hemp seeds and protein from more sustainable farms?  With these simple goals, our cereal cups were born.   But this creation needed a name.

We called it “Folk Revival” because it spoke to the human need for the revival of the body and the spirit. It is a wink to the rebels from generations past.  It is in the spirit of Woody Guthrie slaying fascists with his guitar!  The name is also a nod to the preservation of the older, more genuine ways of doing things.  It is in the radical act of saving and passing down heirloom seeds to the next generation.  And it is in the foraging for acorns as much as in the avoidance of destructive farm practices.  

Seems crazy to me that the simple things, like cutting carbs and eating heirloom nuts and seeds, is such a radical thing.  But I wanted to share this thing with the world, with people on a similar quest.  So one day I launched it.  I founded the company, found like-minded partners, and we broadened our goals. Keto compatible and sustainably produced was the mission for every one of our cups. But beyond this, we wanted the company to be a different kind of company.  Folk Revival was to have the overarching mission to contribute to an improved, more sustainable food system, with attention to the quality in everything we do, from our interactions with the farmer to the consumer.   We celebrate the simplicity of our product and the challenge of our goals.  But we embrace the challenge!

A Bit About Me

I’ve spent 20 years working in the natural and organic food industry helping develop and grow start up and challenger brands. Before that, I studied farm and food policy and before that ran an organic farm in New Mexico.  I truly care about our health and the future of our planet for future generations. The origin of Folk Revival is, in essence, the culmination of everything I have learned and of which I believe.  Having immersed myself in the world of food and agriculture for as long as I have, I have often found myself thinking about ways to do things differently; I too want to put my little positive “dent in the universe.”  This is the guiding mantra for Folk Revival: In what ways could we do things better for our health and for the health of our planet?

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